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The Super Secret Hive Kids' Podcast - Episode 4

Welcome back to the present!

Mike and Julie learned a lot this week. For example, try not to hit the Time Travel button on the 5-S unless you mean to (duh!). Also, it's ALWAYS a good idea to keep an inflatable dinosaur costume on hand in case of emergencies! You never know when you'll need it!

This episode's adventure may have taken the team back to the Cretaceous Era, but the challenges they encountered still happen today (minus the dinosaurs). As members of The Super Secret Hive, it is our duty to treat all people with respect and to stand up for those that are not being treated fairly. And remember that it is our differences that make us unique, which is super cool! If the dinosaurs in our story can figure out how to work together, we know we can do it too!

In real life, dinosaurs were not able to talk like us and they DEFINITELY didn't go to school, but it's fun to pretend that they did! Check these links out to learn more about the real Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex. We even found a LEGO set online where you can build your own dino fossils.

Want to pretend to be a paleontologist (a scientist that studies dinos)? Check this out. The cool thing about Dinosaurs is that scientists are learning new things about them all the time... which leads us to some cool dino books we found... (*if you decide to purchase any of these books, it helps to support us making this content).

AGES 4-8: How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

AGES 6-8: Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs!

AGES 9-11: The Discovery and Mystery of a Dinosaur Named Jane

AGES 10-12: National Geographic Dinosaurs

Don't forget about the fun activities below! It has been great to hear from all of you and your Hive adventures, so keep sharing what you are doing at home and out in the world!

That's all for this time! Thanks for stopping by The Hive!

-Julie and Mike

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