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Germs - Free Activities for Kids

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The Super Secret Hive Kids' Podcast - Episode 3

Welcome back to the Super Secret Hive!

Health update: Mike is feeling MUCH better (thank you for asking)! Between sleeping, drinking lots of water, and his "Knight" Blood Cells fighting off as many germs as possible, Mike's immune system is winning the battle! Don't forget the words of the Super Sacred Knightly Code so your own Knights will be as strong as they can be.

Want to see real White Blood Cells attack some germs under a microscope?! Check this out. As you can see, Sir Washyourhandsalot's Knights are small, but mighty!

While we were washing our hands at the bookstore, we found a few interesting books about germs. Let us know what you think about the books... but please don't lick them... (*if you decide to purchase any of these books, it helps to support us making this content).

Germs vs Soap (ages 3-7) - "Germs vs. Soap shows children (and adults) the secret world of germs and how much germs absolutely, positively do NOT like soap...Germs, beware!"

Do Not Lick This Book (ages 4-8) - "Min is a microbe. She is small. Very small. In fact, so small that you’d need to look through a microscope to see her. Or you can simply open this book and take Min on an adventure to amazing places she’s never seen before―like the icy glaciers of your tooth or the twisted, tangled jungle of your shirt."

The Bacteria Book (ages 6-9) - "Meet a glowing squid, traveling fungus spores, and much more. The Bacteria Book walks the line between "ew, gross!" and "oh, cool!," exploring why we need bacteria and introducing readers to its microbial mates—viruses, fungi, algae, archaea, and protozoa."

...Which brings us to activity time! Have fun with these and don't forget to connect with us online to let us know how you are taking care of yourself and others by staying healthy!

That's all for this time! Thanks for stopping by The Hive!

-Julie and MIke

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