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Honey Bees - Free Activities For Kids

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The Super Secret Hive Kids' Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to the Super Secret Hive!

We’re super (not secret) excited to have you on the team! What’s the buzz this week, you ask? Why, honey bees, of course! Whether you gained the very important Hive skill of “bee-ing still” around honey bees or learned that much of the food we eat is thanks to these un-BEE-lievable creatures and their power of pollination, we hope that you are officially on "Team Honey Bee." From the Queen to the Worker Bees, our world just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Speaking of the world, we wanted to share a few cool things we found regarding honey bees out there in the real world. Want to see a real-life Waggle Dance? Check out this cool video by BBC earth.

Looking for 10 cool facts about honey bees? Read this! We also found a few other interesting websites. One is dedicated to kids becoming beekeepers and another can be found over at the Whole Kids Foundation with a ton of fun honey bee stuff.

Below you will find some of our favorite books about bees (*if you decide to purchase any of these books, it helps to support us making this content).

AGES 3-7: Shabazz Larkin's, The Thing About Bees, is a beautiful book for younger kiddos. Children are introduced to different kinds of bees, taught "how not to get stung," and shown that the things we fear are often things we don't fully understand.

AGES 7-11: Flower Talk: How Plants Use Color to Communicate by Sara C. Levine and illustrated by Masha D'yans teaches the reader all about the significance of different colors of flowers in terms of which pollinators different colors "talk" to. How cool is that?!

ALL AGES: The Little Book of Bees, by Hilary Kearney, is super informative and great for all ages (including adults!). It is kind of like a little bee encyclopedia! Great for anyone wanting to totally nerd out with us about cool bee facts. (She also just published an amazingly beautiful book called Queenspotting that you should check out).

Still looking to learn more?! The Bee Cause Project and their tiny partners, the bees, give students of all ages a tangible connection to our ecosystem. Their STEAM-based curriculum and educational hives build learning opportunities in classrooms and communities, inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards! Check out for tons more fun!

Oh, one more thing! Below you will also find a collection of activities that you can do at home all about honey bees. There is fun for all ages, so definitely check them out! After each episode, be sure to come back here for more cool information, free activities, and links to fun videos and things that we discovered on our adventures!

That’s all for this time! Thanks for stopping by The Hive!

- Julie and Mike

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